What does “NATURE CARD” mean?

As humankind, we consume the limited resources of our world with our insatiable desires. “Nature Card” gives us the opportunity to pay back a little of all that we consume.

Respects the nature

Does not pollute nature

protects nature

contributes to the nature

How do I get the nature card?


You can get your Doğa Card from our website www.dogakart.com, or by downloading our mobile application from Google Play and App Store. We will ship the card without incurring any shipping costs. We are giving you an extra 10% of money points for the first balance loading, which is special for internet demands.

Chain of stores

You can get “Nature Card” from Migros, D&R and ŞOK markets for only 10 TL. Moreover, you can charge your card with money for free from those points. You also earn 5% points for the first deposit you make to your card

Through PTT

Any PTT branch in Turkey can provide you with the NATURE CARD. You can deposit money to your card through any PTT bank counter or by using ATM

NATURE CARD from any of TEMA foundation branches

You can get your NATURE CARD from CEKUL or TEMA foundation, from their (CEKUL or TEMA) official representatives or by visiting VAKIF bank’s internet branch

Nature Card Features

Does not pollute Nature

Nature card (Doğa Card) is the only prepaid card in the world that is produced from recyclable materials that do not pollute nature. It decays quickly. Therefore it does does not pollute nature like other plastic products

Simplifies your work
Saves you time and money

You can use Doğa Card at any ATM in the world. You can use it for your shopping, make banking transactions, pay bills, and also make bank transfers

win as you spend
Your donations returns

Your donations with Nature Card will go to the relevant institution instantly. Your 'donation amount' will be restored to your Nature Card through the points you will get in the CARD for your purchases. Therefore, as a Nature volunteer you will win twice.

Nature Volunteer
Saplings into a tree, trees in the forest

For every 150 TL you spend in your shopping, a sapling is planted by TEMA FOUNDATION for you. Perhaps in a few years, you will have a huge forest bearing your name that you will leave for future generations.

Exploring Nature

Our project partners

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From Seeds into saplings, from saplings into trees, trees must turn into forests in our homeland


Now is the time to have a Nature Card